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What happened next? Find out in the Greench Farm legacy!

4 couples stranded and founded a new community on Maccaroni Island. Currently the 3rd generation is about to start new families! This is a Sims3 community legacy that has been updated frequently for a full year, and contains about 100 chapters! Late July 2012 it came to an end and a new spin-off legacy focusing on just one of these households will bring the story forward, starting August 15, 2012.

The very first post is here, or use the Blog Archive to look back. Posts describing the project are tagged *. Please see the interactive map for household bios and family trees. Comments are welcome both here on the blog and on the SimBasic thread at the thesims3 forum. Even if there won't be more updates, I will still read your commnts.

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August 21, 2012

Download the island!

(The Sims 3) The world file for Maccaroni Island can now be downloaded! 2 versions of the world are packed in 1 zip (about 40 MB);

1. Maccaroni Island with no roads.

2. Maccaroni Island with roads (the file version named ... full... )

I'm not sure if this is correct, because I had so many versions of the world. So anyone installing it in their TheSims3 game, please post a note about how it worked, and if the version has roads or not.

Both versions might contain lots, but probably just with plants on. Be aware that I hide the trash can and mailbox in a bush, so pay attention if you delete vegetation on any lot.

I think version 1 has just 5 lots, while the full version might have all lots.

The zip-file can be downloaded at Mediafire

This world was created with Base+WorldAdventure+Ambition+LateNight installed. Although I don't think EP specific objects are used, the EPs might be required.

To install, it should be enough to double click on the version you prefer, when game is not running.

You can use the world for your game, but you can not upload it, or use it for a TS3 blog/story.
I don't think you can have both versions installed, as they are practically the same world, and might replace each other.

Enjoy! :-)

August 11, 2012

Spin-off story started August 15 2012

Life on the Maccaroni Island goes on. There are currently 13 households counting 48 persons and numerous dogs, cats and horses. Their story will no longer be told by jumping from house to house, trying to cover them all, but starting August 15th, one single household has been chosen to bring it all forward :-)

Greench Farm Legacy started on August 15th.  The Greench Farm Legacy focuses on the farm and of course the persons living there.

Right now this little community has a rather undecided future, as they recently made their first contact with the other world. The community aspects will still be present and there will also be some info from other households, but always seen through a person living at Greench Farm. I hope this will allow for more personal depth and details.

For the first time the islanders can desire anything from the modern world catalogs, and I can't wait to see them going bananas in the electronics division! Well, if any of them can afford it, that is, because their money actually has no value in the other world...

Thanks for following SimBasic over the past year, I will really miss it all! I think my new legacy has got the kind of background story that I was hoping for. No matter what happens next, everyone on the island has a unique story to spin on, and to tell their grandchildren :-).

The SimBasic blog will no longer be updated, but comments from new readers will still be read and very much appreciated.

See you at the farm! :-)

August 07, 2012


Although the SimBasic story has ended, I'd like to step back to sum things up. When the story started there were the introductions, so why not closing it all with "outroductions"? Counting both 2nd and 3rd generation, the 8 settlers have turned into a population of 48 persons!

Before August ends, the spin-off blog shall be up. I have picked what household to bring the story forward - and your wishes have mostly been heard. The community aspects will be covered though, through the lives of that one household, and there will be plenty of occasions they can visit other families to keep us updated on some of the loose threads.

But for now - a quick outroduction covering each of the 13 households of Maccaroni Island! Starting in the western Region (red framed pictures), then the eastern Region (yellow framed), Southern region (green framed) and finally the Northern region (blue framed). Btw, nobody currently resides the Sentral region.

Western region
This region is where Rita and Roger Redward originally settled. All current households contain minimum one of their descendants. Find this region in the interactive map.

Yamir Redward is unmarried and lives here alone with 2 horses. He is the son of Corinne and Randal Redward. He works at the Fort Base, and was not interested in taking over the family ranch. His life might be a little less predictable now that contact was made with the other world.

Yamir Redward (young adult):
Aspiration: Rich and famous. Traits: Athletic, Insane, Coward, Star quality, Snob.

Randal Redward, head of the council, married to Corinne, the local teacher. Their youngest child Yvilla still lives with them. Randal Redward is head of the local council, and he controls the local bank and several businesses. He is oldest child of the settlers, Rita and Roger Redward, and he is determined to complete his Father's goal of controlling the little community. The other world contact might ruin his little kingdom, so he made the decision on behalf of them all to stay on Maccaroni Island. Randal does understand that time will change, but hopefully a delay will give his son Yamir Redward a chance to get in charge.

Randal Redward (elder):
Ambition: Rich and famous. Traits: Athletic, Insane, Workaholic, Star quality, Eco-friendly.
Corinne (Yea-Low) Redward (elder):
Ambition: Home design hot-spot. Traits: Artistic, Virtuoso, Neurotic, Bookwork, Snob.
Yvilla Redward (teen):
Traits: Insane, Virtuoso, Neurotic, Bookworm, Eco-friendly.

Constance Hamming, owner of the Consignment store, married to Jess, who works at Greta's Bistro. All their 3 sons live at home, too. The twins Marvin and Gastor, and their older brother Russell, working at Fort Base. Constance is sister of Randal Redward, while Jess hails from Greench Farm. In the past Constance founded the Pets Club with Graica Greench and Albert Blumington. The household has 3 dogs descending from the wild dogs, but Cairo is no longer around. Because of the income from the store, this household has a better economy and more cash than most of the others, but will it be possible to share the values equally between the 3 brothers?

Constance (Redward) Hamming (elder):
Ambition: Superstar athlet. Traits: Athletic, Absent-minded, Workaholic, Family oriented, Ambitious.
Jess (Greench) Hamming (elder):
Ambition: 5 star chef. Traits: Excitable, Heavy sleeper, Technophobe, Natural cook, Angler.
Russell Hamming (young adult):
Ambition: Seasoned traveler. Traits: Good, Athletic, Technophobe, Family oriented, Adventurous.
Marvin Hamming (teen):
Traits: Clumsy, Absent-minded, Insane, Natural cook.
Gastor Hamming (teen):
Traits: Brave, Heavy sleeper, Hates outdoors, Natural cook.

Eastern region
This region is where Yvonne and Yespar Yea-Low originally settled. All current households contain minimum one of their descendants. Find this region in the interactive map.

There are currently 2 Yea-Low households, and this is the main property. Reynar Yea-Low is 3rd generation Inventor. He descends from both the Yea-Lows and the Redwards. His wife, Graica, hails from Greench Farm, she is a member of the local Pets Club, and currently she works at the newly established news desk. Graica hates the idea of leaving Maccaroni Island. This young family just had their first child, but the household counts numerous animals.

Reynar Yea-Low (young adult):
Ambition: Perfect mind perfect body. Traits: Athletic, Genius, Hates outdoors, Artistic, Ambitious.
Graica (Greench) Yea-Low (young adult):
Ambition: Animal rescuer. Traits: Clumsy, Grumpy, Vegetarian, Hydrophobic, Party animal.
Dorance Yea-Low (baby):
Traits: Loner, Genius.

The mysterious Agnes Hawk works part time at the graveyard. Some think she is sick and needs help, others think she is just a crazy woman. She used to have an imaginary friend, and she also married Joe Hawk, who is now dead. Her two sons are already teens, and Agnes doesn't know for sure who is their dad - Beetle or Joe. This family seems to carry a curse, and the blond son, Grim, is the one to bring it on.

Agnes (Yea-Low Jones) Hawk (adult):
Ambition: Private museum. Traits: Neurotic, Artistic, Unlucky, Loves outdoors, Daredevil.
Amadeus Hawk (teen):
Traits: Neurotic, Artistic, Unlucky, Never nude.
Grim Hawk (teen):
Traits: Eccentric, Slob, Can't stand art, Mooch.

Down in the valley lives Yoseph Hedgewall with his wife Beatrice, their 3 kids and some animals. Yoseph works at the Our Delightful Bookstore, and he still dreams of becoming a novelist. Beatrice hails from Greench Farm, and finds joy in farming. Yoseph is a council member, representing the Maccaroni Bank owners. Their oldest kid, Evita, is somehow mean, and it worries Beatrice that she spends so much time with Amadeus Hawk. Another worry is that their youngest son turned out much greener than anyone else on the island.

Yoseph (Yea-Low) Hedgewall (adult):
Ambition: Illustrious author. Traits: Grumpy, Genius, Evil, Bookwork, Savvy sculptor.
Beatrice (Greench) Hedgewall (adult):
Ambition: Perfect garden. Traits: Brave, Virtuoso, Vegetarian, Green thumb, Angler.
Evita Hedgewall (teen):
Traits: Brave Virtuoso, Evil, Hates outdoors.
Gaspar Hedgewall (teen):
Traits: Loves outdoors, Genius, Loser, Technophobe.
Jamiel Hedgewall (child):
Traits: Brave, Virtuoso, Inappropriate.

The second Yea-Low household also resides in the valley, near Blumington Bridge. Dorothy and Alex Yea-Low left their main house to their oldest son, Reynar. Alex is an Inventor, while Dorothy runs the local hospital. Their son Yesador just started to work at the hospital, too. Alex is a council member, representing the Eastern region.

Alex Yea-Low (adult):
Ambition: Renaissance sim. Traits: Neurotic, Genius, Neat, Artistic, Grumpy.
Dorothy (Redward) Yea-Low (elder):
Ambition: Perfect mind perfect body. Traits: Athletic, Absent-minded, Snob, Light sleeper, Ambitious.
Yesador Yea-Low (young adult):
Ambition: Monster maker. Traits: Good, Genius, Loser, Light sleeper, Eccentric.
Richelle Yea-Low (teen):
Traits: Coward, Genius, Virtuoso, No sense of humor.
Irena Yea-Low (child):
Traits: Easily impressed, Absent-minded, Snob.

Southern region
This region is where Greta and Gabriel Greench originally settled. All current households contain minimum one of their descendants. Find this region in the interactive map.

Archie Greench is son of settlers Greta and Gabriel Greench. He runs the farm, which is the largest farm on the island. His wife Bridgette just retired from serving the Greench Market (grocery store), a market that mostly sells produce from this farm. Except from Archie's partnership investment, the business is owned by Maccaroni Bank. Archie and Bridgette had 5 kids, all about to grow up and move out. Godrian will take over the farm as the 3rd generation farmer. Archie is a council member, representing the Southern region.

Archie Greench (elder):
Ambition: Surrounded by family. Traits: Diciplined, Grumpy, Vegetarian, Hydrophobic, Angler.
Bridgette (Blumington) Greench (elder):
Ambition: Surrounded by family. Traits: Clumsy, Absent-minded, Over-emotional, Family oriented, Hot-headed.
Bertil Greench (young adult):
Ambition: The jockey. Traits: Clumsy, Absent-minded, Vegetarian, Equestrian, Hot-headed.
Godrian Greench (young adult):
Ambition: Private museum. Traits: Artistic, Absent-minded, Neurotic, Hydrophobic, Hot-headed.
Boletta Greench (young adult):
Ambition: Surrounded by family. Traits: Diciplined, Absent-minded, Vegetarian, Family oriented, Loves outdoors.
Eileen Greench (teen):
Traits: Diciplined, Grumpy, Over-emotional, Hopeless romantic.

LaShawn Gladiston is son of the settlers Greta and Gabriel Greench. He was pushing elderhood when marrying the much younger Rebecka Black. They run a small scale farm, and LaShawn visits the nectary at Redward Heights regularly to produce nectar. They just had their first baby.

LaShawn (Greench) Gladiston (elder):
Ambition: Nectar cellar. Traits: Diciplined, Light sleeper, No sense of humour, Technophobe, Hydrophobic.
Rebecka (Black) Gladiston (young adult):
Ambition: Golden toungue golden fingers. Traits: Absent-minded, Virtuoso, Hot-headed, Unflirty, Good.
Glamella Gladiston (baby):
Traits: Couch potato, Loves outdoors.

Carie Peel, daughter of settlers Greta and Gabriel Greench, runs the local bakery that she wants to buy from the bank owners. Her partner, Albert Blumington, helps raising funds through his work as a Sculptor. They have 3 daughters. Although there is a well tended garden from when Greta and Gabriel used to stay here, neither Carie nor Albert care much for the plants.

Carie (Greench) Peel (adult):
Ambition: 5 star chef. Traits: Easily impressed, Friendly, Vegetarian, Natural cook, Hydrophobic.
Albert Blumington (adult):
Ambition: Renaissance sim. Traits: Clumsy, Absent-minded, Shy, Childish, Mooch.
Blanca Peel (teen):
Traits: Easily impressed, Absent-minded, Vegetarian, Party animal.
Gabriella Peel (child):
Traits: Clumsy, Artistic, Neurotic.
Gerda Peel (toddler):
Traits: Neurotic, Athletic.

Cody Major, son of settlers Greta and Gabriel Greench, makes a living from growing garden flowers. His much younger wife, Rosanne, has just started a business offering canes. They have 2 kids, and 3 dogs. Rosanne has no idea why her mom, Corinne Redward, never stopped by to greet her only grandchildren.

Cody (Greench) Major (adult):
Ambition: Perfect garden. Traits: Insane, Perceptive, Vegetarian, Green thumb, Angler.
Rosanne (Redward) Major (young adult):
Ambition: 5 star chef. Traits: Brave, virtuoso, Workaholic, Hopeless romantic, Snob.
Rafael Major (toddler):
Traits: Insane, good.
Georgine Major (baby):
Traits: Brave, Good.

Northern region
This region is where Bianca and Bolan Blumington originally settled. All current households contain minimum one of their descendants. Find this region in the interactive map.

Alfonso Blumington, youngest son of settlers Bianca and Bolan Blumington, lives alone up north with 4 mine cats. As a 2nd generation fisherman, he can hardly make ends meet. He wants to marry someone, but the population is too small, maybe he can find a woman in the town of Galucca?

Alfonso Blumington (adult):
Ambition: Perfect aquarium. Traits: Clumsy, Easily impressed, Over-emotional, Handy, Photographer's eye.

Bella Black is a daughter of settlers Bianca and Bolan Blumington, while her hubby Christopher is a son of settlers Rita and Roger Redward. Up here they live in a poor house, with 2 of their 3 daughters, and 3 cats. Their main activity is fishing, but Christopher also works at the House of Law, being the father of the Maccaroni Laws. Bella is a council member, representing the northern region. Is there a future for them now that the captain from the town of Galucca said that this is the better side of the island for a harbour? Could the Black family benefit from increased traffic due to the new contact with the other world? After all, Christopher is still a Redward by genes...

Bella (Blumington) Black (elder):
Ambition: Perfect aquarium. Traits: Absent-minded, Easily impressed, Shy, Unflirty, Dramatic.
Christopher (Redward) Black (elder):
Ambition: International Super Spy. Traits: Athletic, Virtuoso, Hot-headed, Adventurous, Good.
Bonita Black (teen):
Traits: Absent-minded, Virtuoso, Hot-headed, Adventurous.
Carla Black (teen):
Traits: Absent-minded, Easily impressed, Loser, Adventurous.

July 24, 2012

Week 13 Day 7: Second thought (2 of 2)

This is the final part of the very last ordinary chapter. The Maccaroni Island people have made contact with the other world, and right now the Village Council is entering a meeting with Captain Donald Turmington and his 3 men.

The man watching it all from the street outside the Village Hall is Yesador Yea-Low, who uis now a young adult working at the local hospital.

So, Captain Turmington positioned two of his men at the entrance, and allowed only Steve Freeman to attend the meeting. Randal Redward wasn't comfortable with the situation at all, feeling less powerful next to a captain representing a Government...

What a disappointment. Was everything the 4 settler couples and their children worked so hard to achieve, worthless?

The bank owners are; Randal Redward (30%), Dorothy R. Yea-Low (20%), Yoseph Y. Hedgewall (20%), Constance R. Hamming (10%), Agnes Y. Hawk (10%) and Carie G. Peel (10%).

Randal definitely wanted to make sure that he would leave Maccaroni Island with higher standards than his parents once arrived, swimming and on a raft. They all left the Village Hall, some went home to pack a few belongings or to inform their household. Randal decided to just sit in his office, giving it all a second thought.

Let's go back to Maccaroni Mine. Agnes followed the shadow of Beetle to what looked like a possible entrance into Beetle's world. But then she was disturbed by someone walking up behind her!

Grim is Agnes' youngest son, who just turned teenager.

Agnes left him. Still, none of them knew about the ship. On a normal day the ship should be easily seen from the mine entrance, but the volcano smoke reduced the sight considerably.

Grim had come to the mine often, but never did he see the entrance before... was it for real?

Finally, their last community event started. They held this weekly event on various locations, at Roggy Slight (light house), at the theatre, at Maccaroni Beach, and now at the central square. This is the tiny spot surrounded by most of the service builds. The latest addition, the Business Offices building is seen in the background.

The event was more crowded than ever!

The fire pit and the building are actually the original constructions. The oldest residents had so many memories from this place. They had to cross the place whenever visiting the other households, especially before they got roads, the rest of the area was forest, only, with wild dogs hunting at night.

Graica G. Yea-Low is the one who never wanted to be rescued, she likes it too much on the island. It's tough for her to finally realize that they will leave.

Then their time was up! In fact there was no point in cleaning the square, in a few hours they would all leave anyway. Perhaps some of the animals they would need to leave behind could benefit from the leftovers.

Most walked back home to pick up their stuff and to shut down their homes. Most likely they will all return to pick up more stuff in a short while.

A few minutes later, Father and son ran over to the waiting Captain Turmington and his men.

Now, what will the others say when they show up in one hour, in order to - they think - walk up north to a waiting ship? So, the feelings were bittersweet, most of all it had all been very rushed. Not really time for their community to think everything over. They all knew that the volcano was only resting temporarily.

Will they all hate Randal Redward for the rest of their lives?

Life will go on. The biggest difference between yesterday and tomorrow, is that Maccaroni Island is no longer totally cut off from the other world. And it all will start with the dawning of the following day...

Thanks for reading the SimBasic story! Don't miss the spin-off starting August 2012 :-)