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4 couples stranded and founded a new community on Maccaroni Island. Currently the 3rd generation is about to start new families! This is a Sims3 community legacy that has been updated frequently for a full year, and contains about 100 chapters! Late July 2012 it came to an end and a new spin-off legacy focusing on just one of these households will bring the story forward, starting August 15, 2012.

The very first post is here, or use the Blog Archive to look back. Posts describing the project are tagged *. Please see the interactive map for household bios and family trees. Comments are welcome both here on the blog and on the SimBasic thread at the thesims3 forum. Even if there won't be more updates, I will still read your commnts.

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August 21, 2012

Download the island!

(The Sims 3) The world file for Maccaroni Island can now be downloaded! 2 versions of the world are packed in 1 zip (about 40 MB);

1. Maccaroni Island with no roads.

2. Maccaroni Island with roads (the file version named ... full... )

I'm not sure if this is correct, because I had so many versions of the world. So anyone installing it in their TheSims3 game, please post a note about how it worked, and if the version has roads or not.

Both versions might contain lots, but probably just with plants on. Be aware that I hide the trash can and mailbox in a bush, so pay attention if you delete vegetation on any lot.

I think version 1 has just 5 lots, while the full version might have all lots.

The zip-file can be downloaded at Mediafire

This world was created with Base+WorldAdventure+Ambition+LateNight installed. Although I don't think EP specific objects are used, the EPs might be required.

To install, it should be enough to double click on the version you prefer, when game is not running.

You can use the world for your game, but you can not upload it, or use it for a TS3 blog/story.
I don't think you can have both versions installed, as they are practically the same world, and might replace each other.

Enjoy! :-)

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